Some of My Favorites . . .

Charles Euchner’s favorite articles and posts from recent years …

Why Did They March?
The motivations behind the 1963 March on Washington — and the brutal honesty of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” oration.

Sparking the Brain
You think active pays-ed programs can help combat obesity and other public health problems? That’s only the beginning. Try exercising to spark your brain.

Mind Games
Garry Kasparov describes the universal rules of combat, which he brings from the chessboard to the political arena in Russia.

Burn and Learn
Dan Coyle traveled the world to discover how people achieve elite status in sports, the arts, and other fields.

Let’s Get Sticky
Chip and Dan Heath know how to craft a message that sticks. Their secret? It’s spelled S-U-C-C-E-S.

A Dialogue on ‘Nobody Turn Me Around
Toure Reed leads an online discussion of Charles Euchner’s Nobody Turn Me Around on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

100 Questions and Answers About Writing
A video that tells you everything you need to know about writing.

Plot Twists I’d like to See on Mad Men
Some fantasies for Season 6 of the hit AMC show on advertising and the 1960s.

The Psychology of High Achievers
How a tomato-processing company in California is challenging top-down, Taylorist approaches to business management.

I Doodle, Therefore I Am
Fun research on what doodling reveals about our minds … and some reflections on the top doodler of the civil rights movement.

You the Brand? You the Story
Peter Arnell’s journey from obesirty to health … and lessons for marketers.

All the World’s An Audience
The digital age makes it possible for everyone to find an audience. Which gives everyone incentive to write. Welcome to the Writing Revolution.

Arianna’s Revolution
Arianna Huffington went from packing her husband’s political ambitions to packing the news and updates, opinions and rants, from all over the web. Along the way, she changed the way we read and communicate.

Writing Tips from the Pros
The Guardian of London has gathered 247 tips from notable authors about fiction. Here are my favorites.

Interviewing Tips from the Pros
Everything you need to know about interviewing from the best nonfiction narrative writers of our time. Try out their ideas and see what works for you.

Hoop Dreams
The National Basketball Association should really be called the Global Basketball Association. They’re making moves into China that will reshape the all of professional sports.